Machine Soldiers Esports is a UK based gaming organisation that has number of teams from across Europe that play in a number of different Leagues and tournaments. We have had teams representing us in many divisions in CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, Dirty Bomb, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Battlefield, H1Z1 and many more. Currently, we have teams form the UK, Sweden, Romania, USA, Germany and Belgium.

Machine Soldiers Esports was founded by John Kavanagh in October 2016, as refreshed version of MSesports brand. The aim has been to development a good basis for young players to develop and become part of growing organisation.  We hope to put in all the foundation work within a supportive environment, so we can become even more successful in the future!

We compete in a number of leagues and cups such as Gameface, Gfinity, Val, DB nation, ESL, ESEA...


What a journey it has been. As a clan the management used to play FPS games such as Quake, ET:QW and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. At this point the management played under the brand Quakeforce and we were very successful in a few competitions winning a Spring Cup and organising several tournaments.  Sadly, the game died off, so we decided to create a clan that was aimed at competing in Call of Duty and Battlefield games. This was genuine fun and we competed in many ladders on Clanbase. I do miss Clanbase :( We played in 1v1, 2v2,4v4 and 5v5 matches with some success. We then created Machine Soldiers which developed into MSesports fora while before we rebranded and formed Machine Soldiers Esports.